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Sunday, November 6, 2011

You're a 10 (code)

As promised, my dear citizens, here are the 10 codes used by our local force (and also by us. We can’t use force). I probably shouldn't be publishing these because they are after all, codes. But, if Julian Assange can do it, what the hey.

10-1 = Receiving Poorly (This does not refer to your favorite football team)

10-2 = Receiving OK (Good hands)

10-4 = Check; OK (Well, we all know this one from the CB craze in the 80’s, which we’d just as soon forget, or if you’re old enough, from Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol. I do not remember this.)

10-5 = Relay (I have no friggin’ idea what this means and I’ve never heard anyone say this on the radio. Maybe in a race.)

10-6 = Busy (Could be busy doing anything so don’t bother me now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

10-7 = Out Of Service (This restaurant stinks. Let’s go eat somewhere else)

10-8 = In Service (I’m available for calls. Said reluctantly by most PCO’s.)

10-9 = Repeat, Conditions Bad (I couldn’t hear you with the rock station in my vehicle turned up so high)

10-10 = Out of Service, Subject to Call (Huh? I thought I was out of service. What the -?)

10-13 = Weather Condition (People usually just say it’s raining)

10-14 = Escort (And she’s better be over 18)

10-15 = Suspect in Custody (Thankfully, we’d never say this.)

10-16 = Pick Up Prisoner @ ______ (We never pick anyone up [unless they’re over 18])

10-17 = Pick Up Papers (You slob)

10-19 = Return to Station (And I mean it. Don’t make me ask again. Sometimes we say this if we are, you know, going back to the station. It’s nice there)

10-20 = What is Your Location (Honestly, some people are so nosy)

10-21 = Call __________ by Phone (Not unless you tell me who!)

10-22 = Disregard (Fuggedaboudit!)

10-23 = Stand by (No one EVER says 10-23. It’s easier just to say Stand By. How silly to make a code for this)

10-28 = Full Registration (No, not at a hotel. We say this to get the info on a car we might be citing, like whether it’s registered or not [That year tab looks fake to me])

10-29 = Check for Wanted (In other words, can you see if this vehicle is stolen? If so, I’m outta here)

10-33 = Emergency Information (I’d never say this. I’d be too busy screaming)

10-35 = Confidential Information (I guess I’d better not tell you what this means)

10-36 = Time Check (Look at your watch you lazy bastard!)

10-42 = Officer @ Home (Yep, and that’s where I’m stayin’)

10-97 = Arrived @ Scene (Hey man, I’m always on the scene baby)

10-98 = Completed Last Detail (Not the movie with Jack Nicholson. It means I’m done with what you just had me do…and now I’m going back home. Quit bothering me)

That’s all of them. Aren’t you glad you now know all this? I expect every one of you to commit these to memory. Heaven knows I can’t.

10-7 (I think)

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