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Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Back

For various reasons I will not go into, I was off work for a little while. No, it had nothing to do with the last post. I'm suspecting that not many people read it in the first place. No, I was off work for a couple of weeks and on my first day back, with the very first ticket I wrote, the guy comes out of his house and gives me the finger (you know which one) and curses me out (oh, the redundancy of it all) using the same words that this particular finger indicated. He argued with me about the ticket, I told him to go argue with the clerk in the station, and I drove away.

Later on, another person told me in no uncertain terms that I was a bad person (if he only knew!) and what I should go do to myself. I don't think so.

Oy. So much for any relaxation I may have gotten from being off.

Welcome back.


(I can't wait to write EOW which means End Of Watch which means I'm through with this fahcacktah job. I can dream.)

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  1. Sounds stressful!

    Just stopped by to thank you for participating in this week's Limerick-Off with your fun limerick. Mad Kane