Yeah, that's the ticket.

Let's talk about parking tickets, shall we?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"I'm not from around here."

I hear the title quote a lot. "I'm not from around here" a person will tell me, in English, as a request to excuse me from writing them a ticket. Wha? You are speaking to me in English (I suspect some Spanish-speakers of using their language as a way to tell me that they indeed do not speak or read English, but I don't always believe them), and I'm sure you can read English signs. All of our signs are in English but if there are two signs, the bottom one suddenly becomes some alien language that they not only can't read, but in some cases can't even see.


I don't care if you are from Minnesota, New York City, Orange County, or Australia, you too must follow the rules as delineated on those signs. Unless you are blind, then you shouldn't be driving should you? And you wouldn't be reading this would you?

Is the above quotation proof of extraterrestrial life, or just another mealy-mouthed excuse?

Sigh. I need some time off.



  1. I walked out of a lamp store on La Brea yesterday, and the Meter Maid was writing a ticket for the vehicle behind mine. She asked if "this was my car" and pointed to my vehicle. Because I read this blog, I figured it was too late, and didn't argue. I said "I put money in the meter, it's still going". And she said "Sweetie, it's not the meter, it's street cleaning, that's why nobody's parked here"

    I figured it was too late, so I stood there for a moment, then politely asked, "Is it too late?"

    "I'm telling you to get out of here!" She was very generous with me. I was totally prepared to calmly accept the ticket. This blog makes me always remember that you guys are just doing your jobs.

    She was still in the process of ticketing the car behind me, so I turned out okay.

  2. Yeah, I like when I get to be a real human being. I also like knowing you are still reading this, Ezra. Thank you. I promise more juicy stuff in the coming year. Meanwhile, have a happy holiday season.

    Officer X